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        2. In recent years, in order to further accelerate the pace of development and development of the new product, the company strengthened its cooperation with internationally renowned pharmaceutical companies and research institutions. In 2012, it signed the technology authorization and cooperation agreement with Taiwan Taijing Biological Technology Co., Ltd. and Taijing Biomedical Research and Development (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and obtained the exclusive patent license of the 1.1 class innovation medicine fluorine-free quinolone "nemonoxacin" within the territory of China. Its oral ...


          At present, Zhejiang Medicine Co. Ltd. is specialized in the large-scale production of fat-soluble vitamins, quasi-vitamins, quino-lone antibiotics, anti-drug-resistant antibiot- ics and other products. Its output of vitamin E is the largest domestically, and the 2nd largest globally; the output of Vancomycin hydrochloride accounts for more than 40% of the global production.